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"Painting allows me to express myself on canvas.   For me... painting is a

meditation and an outlet."

Stephanie Bostock Art

Artist - Designer

My Brush Strokes...

Greetings... Thank you for your interest and for stopping by today! I recently started painting full time as a result of a very personal and powerful life changing event.  


I have always had an incredible urge to be creative and the process of painting allows me to express myself.  For me... when I paint... it is a meditation and an outlet.  Expressing myself thru design is intuitive and euphoric.  I consider myself an "Eclectic Painter" and I enjoy choosing from a large range of artistic styles. Each piece depends on my mood, which then allows me to choose my medium and genre.  I graduated from from Purdue University's School of Design with a BA in Industrial Design.  Most of my creative strength comes from many years of unique artistic endeavors, including in-kind and professional design.  I have 20+ years of print-media, marketing, industrial and graphic design in my background.  My spectrum ranges from the eclectic side of painting, drawing, hand painted furniture and wall murals to a vast amount of graphic and industrial design.


Currently, I am working as a full time artist and designer and I devote most of my studio time to painting.  I was born and raised in the Chicago area, and I currently live in North Carolina and work in my home studio. My husband Chris and I have two beautiful daughters, Caitlyn and Nicole and a wonderful Australian son in-law, Linden.  My family is my inspiration... and my true light in life.









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