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Sometimes you need to go crazy... and throw paint.

So this morning I woke up... and of course I can't drink my coffee until i've taken my medicine. Then I have to wait an hour. So... to pass that time I go to yoga class. It's a good class, and I really stretch, but it's not quite enough today. I really want to just let it all out on the canvas. I don't have the concentration to work on something that's structured. I choose a large 36x48 canvas so I am not confined. My intuitive brush stokes palette knife have rapid movement, like a Ouija board, i'm gliding around the canvas with ease. It's working... it's theraputic and my meditation. The result... well see for yourself.

The sun is shining here in North Carolina. It's a beautiful day. Enjoy it...


Silver and Gold... 36x48 acrylic with silver and gold leaf on canvas.

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