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Let it Be Easy.

Well friends… after all this “New Studio” excitement this past few days have been a bit rough for me on a very personal level. I had a follow up since my surgery and treatment this past year. Turns out my marker numbers have stopped dropping and have decided to take a turn in the wrong direction. It was news I didn’t care for… but a minor bump in the road. I will prepare myself for more treatment. Every time I get knocked down... I have to get back up. I'm good… just really disappointed that I need a booster to get me to my goal. The thought of putting more (in Greek we call it “Caca”) in my body is really difficult. Who in their right mind puts that %#!& in their body! I mean… I drink it through a straw like a “Bleeping” Soda! The downtick, I am literally radioactive for a week and I have to chill in isolation for a few days. I haven’t been able to do much the past couple days... but today I will try really hard to do better.

On the upswing, getting back to my focus, my art, things are happening and I’m really excited about it all! I had my very first write up on a lovely Blog called "55 Design Street" at If you haven’t already read it, I welcome you to see what was written and how this sweet Blogger used my artwork to create her Design Boards. It was delightful, and she writes her blog from NSW, Australia! She found my art on Instagram… so if you Instagram my posts are at

To express myself today, I’ve decided to share my recent large scale piece in a contemporary series called "Light and Grey". It has been very popular and I love working with the copius amounts of gold and silver leaf

Then finally I want to share a quote that influences me today. A very special friend shared this with me, as she knows some days are more difficult than others.

“By focusing on what we can control – our thoughts, feelings, words and actions – we can let it be easy instead of difficult. We can let it be fun instead of stressful. And we can create lives for ourselves that previously only existed in our imaginations. So let it be easy today, and watch the dream unfold.”

- Natalie Ann Taggart

Be Well.


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