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The Art of a Good Collaboration

Life is full... as they say, and I have been away from my blog for quite some time.

This quote is quite fitting...

Sometimes you just need to go off the grid

and get your soul right.

-Author Unknown

I need to get back in the groove. So I will just need to back track a bit to catch you all up. This post is a recap of a collaborative exhibition I did with a friend of mine. Her name is Ellen Newbauer and she is a

magnificent Wood Artisan. When Ellen and I first met, we had a very genuine and immediate connection.

Me telling her all about my work and vice versa. Her passion for her masterful craft was inspiring and infectious and I knew right then, listening to her, that I wanted to work with her some how some way. At the time... I was deep into experimenting and creating with alcohol ink. So after a brief meeting, it was a natural, and we decided on several amazing pieces that we would create together. And so, the "Timber and Ink" exhibition was born. Hosted by our friend Robin Kelly at Lisa's Custom Framing, we had a great turn out and showed off some beautiful pieces that we created individually and together. Pictured below is just a tidbit of many featured that evening.

Enjoy my friends.

Best Always,


Left: Calliope...

Ink original tile inlaid

in Mahogany wood

Left and Right: Arte E Vino...

Custom wood wine bar with inlaid ink tiles

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