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This is Where the Magic Happens... the Creation of an Art Studio

I thought it might be fun to let you all take a peek into my very new and very inspiring Art Studio. So put your aprons on and check it out! All of this happened really fast and furiously. Getting out of my kitchen and choosing my new location was really quite an epiphany. I've been using my creativity, my right brain, and God given talent, for a very long time in many different capacities. It really was a combination of things that were happening in my life and I had to get a grip and focus on something before I basically fell off the deep end.

My family has always been an inspiration to me. Over the years I've done so much for so many in so many ways, using my creative side.... but for me... not so much. So this started as a way for me to meditate. It was a distraction and a way to clear my mind. You know, an "Art Yoga" so to speak. A way to express myself.

I was basically working in the kitchen. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Close your eyes and just imagine... there were canvases, paints and brushes everywhere! I felt a little like "Edward Scissorhands" when he realizes he can use his scissorhands to create. He kind of goes crazy cutting and trimming everything around him. Well the same thing happened to me! Only paint was flying everywhere. It was on the floor, the rug, the kitchen cabinets... everywhere! It was a magnificently creative mess! My poor sweet husband would arrive home each evening to many new paintings and more and more mess. He was truly elated with my excitement, focus and determination. He loved seeing that I was enjoying each day doing what I really loved. It was all spilling out of me, my many emotions were being expressed on canvas and coming from my heart. But he basically told me... "Steph, you need to get the hell out of the kitchen!" Alas, peering out the kitchen window each and everyday, while doing my dishes, I looked upon my sweet little house so aptly named the "Shed". I mean that's what it was, full of our lifes extras that couldn't fit in the house or garage. And then it hit me... HELLLLLLLLO... I need to be in there! You know, haven't you all heard of the new "She Shed"? It's so apropo. It's totally envogue to have your own space these days. It's the new "Man Cave", you know, for women.

After a very rapid conversion, skylights, raised ceilings, etc. below is my pictoral documentation from a messy old shed... to a sweet studio space I can call my own. It's the NEW Stephanie Bostock Art Studio, and it's perfect!

Thanks for reading...



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