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Well after my last Blog post, I've decided to write a bit more about my recent feature on 55 Design Street Blog. Basically, Blog for Blog... It's a great way to get your name and work out there. Yes, I am an avid Blog reader. Let's just say... I am actually obsessed with researching what others are doing and writing about. There are just "Gazillions" to choose from and you really can learn so much by reading. There are so many creative and inspiring people out there. I love it!

So, as I had mentioned last post, I recently had a lovely Blogger and Designer from New South Wales, Australia send me a note that she was going to use a couple pieces of my art on her design boards and then post them on her Blog. And yes... it is a total coincidence that my new son in-law is from NSW, Australia... how exciting is that! Her name is Mirela and she had been following my instagram @stephaniebostockart Oh - how I love that Instagram. I have literally connected with people from all over the world! Mirela's Blog post was really quite lovely! So I thought I would share it with you as inspiration to learn, grow and expand your Blog horizons. Below is the pictures of the design boards she created in her write up and a link to her Blog "55 Design Street".

I just have to say that I am simply delighted that Stephanie Bostock Art was featured in designs created by 55 Design Street and that I was featured as the Episode 8: Instagram find of the week on . Thank you 55 Design Street! Check it out Woohoo! #‎instagramfindoftheweek #‎stephaniebostockart

Stay tuned for more.

Keep Smiling!


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